Last-minute wedding?

 (September Pictures)
We’ve been looking at wedding photography booking times, and it’s really interesting (if you’re a dork who likes spreadsheets as much as I do).

Based on all the enquiries we’ve ever received, the average amount of time couples are contacting photographers (well, these photographers) is seven months before the wedding, which is less than I’d expected. I’m talking mean average, though, so that figure’s being brought down by some of the lovely last-minute wedding bookings we’ve had. (I didn’t figure out the mode, but I’d reckon it’s probably 10-ish.)

The furthest in advance was 20 months; the most last-minute wedding booking we’ve ever had was three weeks (we did once get an enquiry two weeks in advance, but we were in Morocco on our honeymoon and wouldn’t’ve been able to meet the couple in London until three days before the wedding).

And really, either is fine with us. We’ve had brilliant couples who want to book us a year in advance that we’ve had to turn down because that date’s already booked. But on the other hand if you got in touch today and wanted us to shoot tomorrow, we could absolutely do that (but not the day after, or the day after that). We don’t take on too many weddings each year because we shoot lots of non-wedding stuff and do some writing and coding too, so sometimes we can be more flexible with our calendar than you might expect.

So, if you’re like us and have a massive disaster and find yourself looking for a new wedding photographer six days before your ceremony (true story! Not fun!) we just might be able to help.


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