La + London event photography testimonials

event photography testimonialsIt’s fun to be a party photographer. We like shooting special events. We’re mostly London-based event photographers for this year, but we get back to Los Angeles as often as we can, and our passports are always at the ready. 

“You’re grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! Love love love you!” —JG

“The photos were beautiful. We (and the client) were very happy. I’m so glad K put us in touch – I hope you don’t mind if we call on you in the future, hopefully on more than a day’s notice.” —LB

“These are great!! Thanks so much again for shooting!” —AF

“Rachel is a top notch operation. A pleasure to know and work with!” —EGL

“Thank you too! The shots came out great.” —LF

“Rachel is a delight to work with!! Her photography is outrageously good. She’s patient, creative and very detailed. She’s a total star.” —BC

“They’re great; thanks so much! Thanks again for everything” —HL

“Rachel’s third eye is her lens, and she definitely knows how to use it! Her compositions and colors are great.” —JW

“These might be my favorite set that you’ve ever shot.” —DP

“I really liked them! I think you did a great job. I wanted to tell you that I’ve had loads of positive comments on them – thanks again.” —LF