How do we work?

First off, don’t worry. Your wedding photography’s going to be easy. Almost everyone tells us they hate having their photo taken… and then after the wedding says they’re amazed by how much they enjoyed it. For more on how wedding photographers work, read on.


To start with, you tell us a little bit about your wedding. If we’re free, we start planning. You can ask us anything you like. (Almost everyone wants tips on timing.)

Next, if you fancy a relaxed pre-wedding shoot to see just how easy it’s going to be on your wedding day, we make that happen. It can include as many coffees/cakes/cocktails as you like.


Then, when the day itself rolls around, we mostly follow your lead: weddings are not photo shoots, which suits us perfectly. We won’t be bossy.

At first, we mostly like to get out of the way and let you cry/hug/dance/drink without even noticing we’re taking your picture. That way, everyone can relax and really be themselves. It allows us to bear witness to people’s most intimate and emotional moments (and most glamorous hairdos) and create a genuine record of you and your favourite people at your very best.


If you'd like some family-group shots for your aunties’ mantlepieces, we can do that.

And to get some gorgeous and not-awkward pictures of the two of you, we’ll just go for a stroll. We don’t do lots of posing.

(We both hate having our own photo taken, so we totally get that it might not be your favourite thing, either.)


Afterwards, we edit and beautify all your shots, then make you nice things. You’ll get a USB and online gallery for a start, and you can let us know if you’d also like prints/books/an album/thank-you cards, etc.

Whatever you go for, a few weeks after the hangovers have worn off, we’ll present you with the full story of your wedding day, so you can relive the best bits forever and ever.


Ready to read something else? We’ve lots of kind words from thrilled clients for you to browse on our testimonials page, many of whom you can see in our LA and London wedding photographers’ portfolio.