Wedding photography testimonials

LA + London documentary wedding photographer | September Pictures

“Oh my God!! I honestly don’t know what to say… The photos are absolutely stunning! As I’ve been going through them I’m actually in tears remembering what an amazing emotional day it was. You guys truly have a special gift at photography and have captured everything I could have imagined and more. I’m blessed to have found you and I honestly hope we have the opportunity in the future to have you again. We will be highly recommending you to all our friends and please let me know if we can say/post anything on your website. Thank you so much for capturing my perfect day… xx” —CP

“OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. These are SO priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ms Carr… this means so much to me to have these, especially the ones of J and me, and me and S. I’m totally brought to tears. I love you and these and pretty much everything!!! xoxoxo” —MM

“WOW. These are amazing — thank you so much! The composition and energy in these photos is amazing and we are completely thrilled. So chuffed!” —AW

“I am on the toilet at work with happy tears running down my cheeks. I am so happy beyond words. We can book your ticket as soon as Monday if we get the venue we want. I want Rachel-style reception shots and not too formal of portraits (just a couple of us and the wedding party; I hate this kind of stuff). I’ll email later when I’m not peeing.” —SR

LA + London documentary wedding photographer | September Pictures“Hi Rachel and Chris!! We’re desperately trying to find proper wifi on our holiday to download these – how incredibly exciting! Thank you SO much. Definitely share on Facebook, we want everyone to see your wonderful talent as much as possible, as well as share the pics. Cannot wait to see them – thank you again so much for everything. P.S. Cannot believe how quickly you turned around such INCREDIBLE photos. More soon – we are truly overwhelmed! xx” —BF

“Hi Rachel! You have a special gift!” —EL

“Amazing! I love this all. Just stunning.” —NS

“Thank you so much for the amazing photos – we are all really pleased!! If and when in the next few months/years we have the larger celebration you will be called upon again…” —JC

“These pictures are insanely brilliant” —SJ

LA + London documentary wedding photographer | September Pictures“Many thanks for the photos and Happy New Year. From what I can remember, the wedding was a lot of fun.” —FC

“We’ve just come back from holiday and are so enjoying going over all your photos again! They are so wonderful. We so appreciate everything – your talent is extraordinary, and we could look at all the pictures over and over again, and love how there are a mixture of colour and black and white, dancing and speeches and candid table shots, and so on. I will refer you to everyone at work, as the question is often asked on our internal forums to refer photographers!” —BF

“Amazing – they look stunning!” —SH | “Totally amazing – you have most definitely captured the animated groom at his best! Thank YOU xx” —NS | “Thank you, Rachel. Words can’t express. The happiest album.” —BH | “Wow!” —TP | “Wow!!!!!!” —MA | “Wouahou!!! Love it!!” —NT | “So happy to see this picture — I never saw it on the day!” —BF | “Can’t wait to see these all Rachel!!!! Thank you so much x” —SH | “Brilliant” —TH | “I LOVE this. Brilliant.” —TT | “Gorgeous! Love love love!” —SG | “Amazing – I love this!” —JH | “That’s an amazing photo Rach!!” —MC | “YES!” —RH | “Hey Rachel, thanks so much; they’re great!!” —FE | “Sorry we turned the wedding reception into a champagne spray party” —KP

LA + London documentary wedding photographer | September Pictures