Wedding photography gear guide

 (September Pictures/©2014 September Pictures)

We have a lot of kit/equipment/gear. It’s heavy and unwieldy to lug around, but we do it anyway. Here’s some of it:


• Canon 5d Mk II x 2
• Canon 5d (in case of emergencies)
• Canon Digital Rebel xdi x 2 (because we’re incapable of getting ride of anything)


• Canon 70–200mm 2.8 L
• Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L
• Canon 50mm 1.4 L x 2
• Canon 28mm 2.8 (Rachel’s favourite dancefloor lens)
• Canon 50mm 1.8 x 2 (in case there’s some sort of disaster that destroys all of the above)
• A strange little fisheye lens we picked up somewhere
• A Sigma zoom that mostly doesn’t come out of the drawer
• Some others we don’t really use much


• Canon Speedlite 580
• Canon Speedlite 480
• Weird ring flash that everyone always becomes instantly obsessed with
• Polaroid flash (for emergencies)

FILM GEAR (for fun and experiments)

• Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic
• Canon AE-1
• Pentacon Six TL
• Lomography Diana Mini
• Lomography Diana flash
• A few other toy cameras


• Polaroid shoot-through umbrellas
• A tripod I can’t remember the name of
• Canon Powershot A80 (Rachel’s first ever digital camera; really old, mostly broken; does weird unintentional cool effects)
• Little colour filters (for shooting through or colouring light)
• Various toys from Photojojo
• iPhones x 2


• Adobe Lightroom • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Bridge • VSCO Film 01–05 • InstagramVSCOcam • 32gb CF cards • lots and lots of external harddrives


• We get our stationery, business cards and the like from Moo • Our photos are usually hosted by PhotoShelter, who also provide all our print sales and licensing setup • Our website is built with WordPress • Our design is based on Albedo by Graph Paper Press, who are brilliant, and then customised a lot by us • Rachel’s favourite camera bag is the Retrospective 20 from ThinkTank