Emerald, three days old

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Emerald at three days old, making me think that Echo Park baby photographer life is pretty brilliant.

I was heading back to hang out in Los Angeles for a few days after shooting a ridiculously brilliant wedding waaaaay up north in Point Arena, and was excited to meet up with Mara for a maternity shoot. The day after the wedding, though, I got a text to say that Mara was in labour already, a week and a half early.

By the time we’d finished the all-day drive back down the I5 (a road so boring it almost starts to become really interesting) Emerald had arrived. I took a few portraits when she was three days old.

I like photographing really, really new newborn babies. The parents are so excited and usually so anxious, and the babies just lie there all scrunchy faced, seeming entirely unimpressed to be the centre of someone’s universe. It’s a fun atmosphere in which to tiptoe around. If you’re having a baby, get in touch and we’ll wait by the phone till he or she arrives.


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