Happy American mothers’ day

Hey, it’s American mothers’ day. It made me think of these vintage delights we found at the Rose Bowl flea market a little while ago, above – wholesome 1980s California moms for sale.

We’re over in London at the moment, but we love American mothers (Mara! Michelle! Kara! Tasha! Lena! Regina! Christina! Megan! Noni! Louise! Laura! Alexia! Julia! Wendy! Liz!) so we’re celebrating anyway. It’s brilliant seeing our friends create new humans.

Americans seem more into family photography than us over here on the other side of the ocean (this is Rachel writing, the English half of September Pictures). I think there’s a bit of British reticence about hiring a photographer to commemorate yourself and your offspring, which is a shame. Things change so quickly. Babies grow so fast. And it’s often the mothers who are most proactive about taking family pictures, and so never end up in them. So we’re on a mission to put mothers back in their family photographs. We’ll come round and hang out, with cameras. (It’s super easy, honestly.)

Get in touch, British mothers!

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