Bonsoir from Essaouira

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Bonsoir from this honeymooning wedding photographer in Essaouira. It’s a v good place for photographers to honeymoon – gorgeous light, everywhere, all the time.

We actually touched down in Marrakech, but immediately hit the road to started our Moroccan honeymoon out by the sea in Essaouira, at Dar Maya hotel in the medina. Their rooftop doesn’t have a bad view. (In my travel-writer-y life, which quite often overlaps with my photographer-y life, I also wrote Mr & Mrs Smith’s guide to the hotel, and reviewed our secret honeymoon stay too.)


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Travel plans

  • March 2020: Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree + London
  • April 2020: Marrakech + Essaouira
  • May 2020: London
  • June 2020: Paris + Sicily
  • July 2020: London
  • August 2020: London
  • September 2020: Wiltshire
  • October: 2020: London
  • November 2020: Bath
  • December 2021: London
  • February 2021: London
  • March 2021: Los Angeles + Palm Springs
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