Good night from the Ace Hotel Los Angeles

Goodnight from a jet-lagged wedding photographer at the Ace Hotel Los Angeles, January 2015.

We like to stay here for a while when we’re in town, which is ridiculous because we have a perfectly good home to go to. But the cocktails are better at the Ace, compared to the ones we make at home with the liquor we’re still using up from our wedding (we bought half of BevMo while stocking our wedding bar, with the plan to return

what we didn’t open… but then an entire box got left behind on the day, and we figured we’d just drink it. It’s stored in the garage when we’re in London.)

Anyway, it’s v high on our venue wish list, obviously. Get in touch if you’re engaged and need me to be your Ace Hotel Los Angeles wedding photographer, and we’ll step right up.



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