At home with baby H in Wimbledon

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Wimbledon family photography: Hugh has a) a great name and b) boats above his crib in his nursery and c) the good luck to live very near the best tennis tournament.

At-home baby shoots are great. First, it’s much easier to get kiddos chilled out and showing their personality when they’re on home ground, and not overstimulated by some shiny new environment. Second, family photography’s a record of a period of time – the pictures reflect you all at these ages you’ll never be again, in the clothes the babies will soon grow out of, in the house where they’re growing up that’ll one day be far away or redecorated or perhaps just feels so much smaller when the little ‘uns are no longer so little. Home seems neutral when you wake up there every day, and easy to take for granted. But one day when the children aren’t children anymore, these photos will be a time capsule whisking them back to their baby days. (Plus, I’m not a coffee person really, but Hugh’s father made me one of the best coffees of my life, which is what you can do when you’re in your own kitchen.)

Where to next? More family photography? Or perhaps more from our London lives… 



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