Ace Hotel Palm Springs by iPhone

We got engaged at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, and I miss it. Christopher had planned to propose out in Joshua Tree, and hid the engagement ring in my handbag so I’d find it and go, “Oh? What’s this?”… except I didn’t find it. So he kept asking me to hold things for him – wallet, phone, etc – and then a minute later asking me to get them out of my bag again, which was just quite annoying. At one point I apparently even pulled the ring box out of my bag amid all my other clutter but didn’t notice. So off we went back home to the Ace. In the loos, I ran into my best girl Juanita – WHO TOTALLY KNEW CHRIS’ PLAN – and confused her entirely by just whining about how I was hot and tired. And then Chris and I were strolling to the pool, right by the mural, and he just pulled out the ring and said, “Here, I have something for you”. None of that down-on-one-knee stuff that would’ve made everyone look, just a tiny secret quiet very-much-us moment. (I said: “For me? Like, to keep?” because hot weather makes me a bit thick.) Then our friend Dustin shot our right-there-right-then portraits and they were wonderful; tell us if you’re plotting your own Ace Hotel Palm Springs engagement photography and we’ll be right there.


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A bit more Ace Hotel photography, perhaps? Or maybe some other hotels for honeymoons and wedding nights posts…


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