C & D’s Babington House wedding, part one

September 24, 2017



We're featured on Love My Dress again today, with one of the most gorgeous weddings of all time: our first Babington House wedding photography adventure was a bit spectacular.

I worked with the bride on a hotel shoot years ago (¡hola, La Escondida!) and we had a ridiculous amount of fun. When I heard she was engaged, my first thought was: "We absolutely must shoot this wedding because it's going to be extra brilliant".

My second thought was: "OMG SHOES", which isn't something I'd ever really thought before (I'm typing this while wearing Havaianas) but Cheila is the sort of superbly glamorous person who inspires EVEN ME to get excited about footwear. And of course the wedding didn't disappoint: when I walked into the

Babington House Playroom on the morning of the wedding, I discovered that Cheila had approximately seventeen million amazingly beautiful things arrayed across every sumptuous surface, including a fantastically sexy Inbal Dror wedding dress and a Hermione Harbutt delight of a tiara. (Plus, Babington House is the best, obviously. And we got to work with the inimitable Ayshea Donaldson, aka My London Wedding Planner.)

Head over to Love My Dress to read all the nice things they said about us and get lots of inspiration for your own wedding. Then get in touch and tell us your plans.

And now… the photos. There were too many v good things for one post, so here's part two, too.