Zeba & Nick’s Olde Bell wedding

English rave wedding: We’re always big fans of an our Olde Bell wedding. Zeba + Nick’s Berkshire wedding was particularly great, because…

  • bridesmaids and guests almost as elegant as the superlatively fabulous bride
  • wintry Vervain flowers
  • Mistletoe on the trees around the church
  • ushers handing out badges with the bride and groom’s initials, and the vicar pinning one to his robes
  • super styling from Knot + Pop
  • the father of the bride’s first-class beard
  • bottles of Laophraoig just casually hanging out surrounded by golden things
  • a rave room at the reception (babies with glow sticks!)
  • a choreographed first dance
  • toddlers in pyjamas


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