Gemma & Leo’s Voewood wedding in Norfolk

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Gemma + Leo were married in North Norfolk, and gave us our first Voewood wedding photography adventure. It was amazing, obviously, and we’d like to go back immediately please.

A few things we loved about this Norfolk wedding:

  • The pale-pink getting-ready bedroom with a wall full of mismatched art above the boat bed
  • Sparkly Jimmy Choos
  • A bride so laid back that when her car didn’t turn up for more than an hour (and her dad’s repeated treks to the end of the driveway to get phone reception and call the company only ever reached their voicemail) she just went to Voewood’s games room and played pool, in her wedding dress
  • Riding through the woods on the way to the church and back
  • A dragon-themed church for the ceremony (St George’s in Norwich)
  • The groom’s blue suit
  • A vicar so relaxed he took the groom to the pub round the corner during the hour-plus delay… and then hotfooted it to the football immediately after the ceremony (he’s a season-ticket holder)
  • Art-themed table names
  • Voewood’s architecture
  • Gradually realising the music room’s filled with skulls and skins and taxidermy
  • Fantastically well dressed children running rampant in the rain
  • The bat that flew in after the speeches and dive-bombed us in the hallway, making us yelp like wimps and then giggle hysterically
  • The surprise Elvis-impersonator serenading the bride and groom for the first dance
  • The moment all the children suddenly had masks on
  • The bit where we were officially off-duty but the groom tarted making us drinks so we stayed and partied
  • The moon and the stars as we strolled back to our B&B

If you’d like to have an equally glorious time, head to Norfolk and sign us up for some more Voewood wedding photography.


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