Chloe & Dave’s Brighton wedding, part one


Chloe + Dave gave us our Brighton wedding photographer debut – cheers! A few of our favourite things from the first half of this wedding were…

  • the crazy wind whirling around Chloe’s super-slinky Hope & Harlequin wedding dress
  • the Tilly Thomas Lux headpiece
  • sprinting onto the bandstand at exactly the time when some strangers’ wedding was booked there
  • the light streaming through the stained glass at the Chapel Townhouse
  • spectacularly sparkly Jimmy Choos
  • Dave’s sunglasses
  • the view from the Angel House

Also, a million thanks to Rachel’s parents and the nice doctor at the walk-in clinic who took care of our baby after she smacked her mouth on our wood floor right before we got on the train from West Hampstead and it just Would. Not. Stop. Bleeding. all the way to Brighton. It’s a good thing we tend to wear dark colours to weddings because Rachel shot this one slightly covered in blood. Oops. (Petra was totally fine!)


Click here for part two.