Pinyatay at Most Curious 2018

TRUE STORY OF HOW MUCH WE LOVE PARTIES WITH PIÑATAS: Christopher – the taller, manlier, more Californian half of September Pictures – once went to a birthday party where there was a T-rex piñata. When the piñata-striking began, it managed to give up its goodies while remaining relatively unscathed – intact enough, in fact, that little Christopher fell in love with it and decided to take it home. After a while, his mother quite sensibly discarded it, and mini Chris would never have known its fate if he hadn’t seen the garbage truck through the window, lifting up a T-rex piñata ready for crushing…

It’s a good thing Christopher didn’t accompany me to Most Curious, because he almost definitely would’ve wanted to adopt some of Pinyatay‘s delights. (My personal favourites: the golden dick and bubblegum-pink vagina.)

PS: I’m just realising that we’ve never shot a wedding with a piñata. Please get one for your nuptials (and book us to shoot it, obvs.)


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