Amy & Ed’s festival wedding in Hampshire

A festival wedding in Hampshire: Amy & Ed’s wedding was so unutterably brilliant that I feel moved to tell you about it purely through v bad limericks, which isn’t something that’s ever happened before:

There once was a groom from down here
Who married a bride from up there.
The sun shone so bright,
They drove off in a Sprite,
And their guests all drank lots of good beer.

They hay field exploits were sublime,
Then the bride gave a speech all in rhyme.
They played tug of war,
Someone fell on the floor,
And we all had a marvellous time.

Massive thanks to Amy and Ed and all their very lovely friends and family. And now, some photographs, which are – I hope – a bit better than the limericks.



Where to next?

Would you like to see more festival wedding photography? We do hope so. (I promise there’s no poetry in the other posts.)