G & M on the Hackney waterfront

September 7, 2018

west reservoir wedding photography


Gayle and Michael were married at Islington Town Hall, then were whisked on gleaming red buses to Hackney's West Reservoir Centre for their Anglo-Greek wedding reception on the waterfront.

We got to wear life jackets, which was a first at a wedding (the bride and groom didn't have to, although technically brides and grooms are probably more likely to fall in the reservoir than photographers, given our sensible shoes and lower prosecco

consumption, but on this occasion no one at all fell in so all was well). The dinner tables were named "White" and "Hart" and "Lane", which delighted my dad when I texted him from the reception. And there was Greek dancing! And five cakes!

It was our first West Reservoir wedding and we loved it, so if you're getting married there, too, please invite us. Thx.