Emily & Dominic’s Clock Barn wedding

Clock Barn wedding photography: Getting an email that says, “You once took a picture of me holding a bird of prey” is always good. We first met Emily and Dominic at Sam and Dylan’s Olde Bell wedding, with the aforementioned birds of prey, and were therefore quite excited for their own nuptial extravaganza, because friends of Sam and Dylan are always great (please see also: Jo and James at Stoke Newington Town Hall and Agnes and Ian in the Barbican Conservatory.)

Favourite things from E & D’s Hampshire wedding: lots of crying, good tattoos, rain (it’s the best for pictures, honestly), uh-maz-ing flowers courtesy of Lindsey Kitchin’s White Horse Flower Co (seriously, just look at that bouquet), the absurdist best man’s speech to end all best men’s speeches, some really first-class use of colour in the guests’ wedding wardrobes, silly dancing and fire.


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