Bridal HQ: Artist Residence London

Artist Residence wedding prep: Ask us where to get ready for your wedding. Really, please do! We love boutique hotels (I’ve been half photographer and half travel writer since finishing my journalism degree a billion years ago, so we can give you the pro tips.)

Anyway, one couple who made an excellent choice of wedding HQ without any help whatsoever were the other Rachel and Chris, who clearly have first-class taste in pretty much everything as well as having the same names as us. Artist Residence London is a perfectly picturesque spot for prepping pre-wedding. (I reviewed Artist Residence’s Brighton outpost for Mr & Mrs Smith back in the day, too. If you’re ever in Brighton and need a drink, make a beeline for Regency Square and look for the pink neon.)


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2019 + 2020 wedding + family shoots (plus the odd weekday in December 2018)

Travel plans

  • November 2018: Los Angeles
  • December 2018: Los Angeles + London
  • January 2019: London
  • February 2019: London + Paris
  • March 2019: London + Bath
  • April 2019: Marrakech + Los Angeles
  • May 2019: Santa Cruz + Costa Rica
  • June 2019: London
  • July 2019: Santa Barbara + Los Angeles
  • August 2019: London + Sicily
  • September 2019: Wiltshire + London
  • October 2019: Brighton + London
  • November 2019: Los Angeles
  • December 2019: London
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