Caitlin & Evan’s Griffith Observatory engagement shoot

Griffith Observatory engagement photos: Caitlin and Evan are getting married next year at The Maxwell House in Pasadena. But first, we stopped by the Griffith Observatory, near their apartment, for some engagement photos. The park’s always chock-a-block with couples and photographers as sunset approaches, and this Saturday – yep, we did it on a weekend – was no different… but it’s really fun to be the photographer whose clients turn up in formalwear when everyone else is in cosy autumnal knits. (I love cosy autumnal knits as much as the next person who grew up somewhere sort of cold, but they can’t compete with emerald velvet.)

This is the first half of C and E’s Griffith Park engagement photos – we’ll post the not-really-casual casual-wear portion in the new year. Till then, enjoy the sunshine…


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