2018 was brilliant


Hello from new year’s eve: We had a pretty magnificent year, and we hope you did too. We stayed in London more than usual for 2018, getting our kiddo settled into nursery, but still had our busiest year of all time (well, since we started shooting weddings together in 2012). That record’s already set to be broken in 2019, though, and our travel schedule’s looking a bit bananas: if you’re newly engaged do get in touch with alacrity for the remaining few dates. Anyhow, happy new year from the whole September Pictures crew at The Amethyst House, toddler and all – here are a few of our favourite shots from 2018, in vaguely chronological order.

Mallory at Hazlitt’s hotel in Soho

Hazlitt’s has long been one of our favourite London hotels, and shooting the marvellous Mallory in the opulent Duke of Monmouth suite was a delight. READ MORE

A Most Curious Wedding, 2018

Holy moly, there was a ridiculous degree of wonderment on display at Most Curious in 2018. The Beast from the East couldn’t stop some of the wedding world’s most genius inhabitants from trekking to the East End and despite running round like a lunatic I barely made a dent in photographing all the loveliness on site. (We’ll be exhibiting in 2019: see you there.) READ MORE

Jen & Jonny in Brighton

A Brighton seafront shoot session at sunset. READ MORE

Nikki & Ben in Brighton

Strolling The Lanes for good light with good people. READ MORE

Petra by the sea

We took the kiddo to the seaside, where I used to go when I was little. READ MORE

Ciara & Tobias at The Olde Bell

Our first wedding of 2018 was a delight. It’s always good to be back at The Olde Bell, and the California-esque sunshine made us feel quite at home. READ MORE

Amy & Ed, at home in Hampshire

“We’ll be leaving the church in my dad’s vintage sports car and then we thought we might trespass in some fields… want to come?” YES PLEASE. READ MORE

Kew Gardens

Our American family were in town, and we spend far too much time ogling Haarkon on Instagram, so we headed off to Kew to take some greenery-filled pictures of our own. READ MORE

Gayle & Michael, Islington Town Hall and The West Reservoir

If you shoot portraits by the water at West Reservoir, you have to wear life jackets. The staff are extremely serious about it… but then go out and take selfies sans-inflatable. It’s a glorious venue to shoot at, though – this was our first ever visit. READ MORE

Tatum & David, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

We’ve loved the Ace Hotels forever and ever, but somehow this was our first ever Ace Hotel wedding. We were already excited based on the venue alone, but then we saw the two-piece wedding dress, general all-round gorgeousness of everyone involved, and The Shoreditch Sunbather. READ MORE

Becky & Bella, The Curtain in Shoreditch

Most Curious founder Becky was about to give birth to the newest member of the Most Curious team, Sonny, when she invited me up to The Curtain for a maternity shoot. PS: The Curtain then announced a new arrival of their own – they now have a wedding licence. Bring on some Curtain hotel wedding photography next year please, gods of 2019! READ MORE

Shoreditch family photography | Maternity shoot at The Curtain hotel

Dylan & Brock, Asylum Chapel in Peckham & The Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe on Bankside

Possibly the most relaxed and joyous wedding of all time. Dylan and Brock brought their families and friends from Australia over to join then in London at another of our favourite venues. READ MORE

Rachel & Ayman, RHS Wisley in Surrey

We LOVE it when UK couples opt for a first look and then pre-ceremony portraits: it’s mostly our American clients who go for it, but it has two benefits: first, they get better portraits, because it’s less hectic and often has better light; second, they can then forget about photography and focus entirely on the whole getting-married thing. We’re fans. READ MORE

Audrey & Jason, Islington Town Hall

City hall elopements with only two guests to serve as witnesses are always pretty great. It’s quite an honour being invited to join such a small party. READ MORE

Emily & Dominic, Clock Barn in Hampshire

The happiest couple, the funniest speeches, one of the best meals ever served to the photographers. THANK YOU. READ MORE

Vivian & Alistair at Islington Town Hall & Dirty Bones in Shoreditch

Anglo-American weddings are sort of our specialty. And when the bride hails from just a few miles down the Californian road from our own Angeleno and has brought all her family and friends over to London, it’s even better. We loved everything about this wedding, from the light to the mac ‘n’ cheese balls. READ MORE

The Richmond Room, Islington Town Hall

We’ve never actually shot a wedding here. But we got lost on our way back from the Mayor’s Parlour once and saw the Richmond Room gleaming through a door left ajar and had to peep in. It’s a beauty. READ MORE

Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green

We used to go here for cocktails anytime we were anywhere even vaguely near Bethnal Green. And we’re so, so, so, so excited for the wedding we’ll be shooting here in 2019 – hi, Nic and Andrew! To keep us going for 2018, we popped by to see some top-notch wedding work on display by a bunch of beauteous East London wedding geniuses (The Event Bureau, we love you). READ MORE

Millie & Dan at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond

Flowers and ribbons and lace and sunset by the river, oh my… READ MORE

Rachel & Chris at Artist Residence London, Old Marylebone Town Hall & St John in Clerkenwell

Three venues we’re obsessed with, one couple with the same names as us. Throw in some first-class fringing courtesy of Charlie Brear, and you’ll see why this was one of our best days of the year. READ MORE

Daisy & Alex, The Barn at South Milton in Devon

It took almost as long to get back from Devon as it did from California, but it was totally worth it: it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth, and we were shooting a particularly gorgeous wedding. READ MORE

Elke & Robert, Islington Town Hall

This was a first for us: Elke and Robert were getting remarried, with their grown-up daughters as the only guests. This one was extra special. READ MORE

Petra, Hampstead Heath

The Christmas card shoot: it’s catching on in London, but we still see it more on the other side of the Atlantic. We kept our American flag flying by whisking a grumpy toddler up to the heath and were rewarded with a very sunny November day and a kiddo who occasionally smiled. We 100 per cent recommend you do the same and bring us with you next year.

The Maxwell House, Pasadena

Caitlin and Evan are getting married here next summer, and we’ll be joining them. We can’t wait. READ MORE

Caitlin & Evan, Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

The engagement shoot that’s ruined us for all over engagement shoots (j/k, we’ll still love ’em in 2019). READ MORE

Olympia & Vithushan, Old Marylebone Town Hall

Our final shoot of 2018, unless you count the million pictures we’ve just taken of the kiddo and her cousin unwrapping presents three days later. Fact: this is the only time we’ve been to Marylebone Town Hall and it hasn’t rained. A midwinter wedding with the sun shining like it’s summer is a pretty good way to end the year. READ MORE

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