Caitlin & Evan in Griffith Park

January 20, 2019

Griffith Park engagement shoot

This year, Caitlin and Evan are getting married in Pasadena, at The Maxwell House. So last year, we trekked up to Griffith Park for an engagement shoot at the observatory, near their Los Angeles home. It's a first-class pre-wedding-portrait hotspot, especially at golden hour just before sunset, so we were surrounded by fellow photographers and betrothed couples. But everyone else was in chunky knits and cosy boots, so Chris and I felt like lottery winners shooting our fantastically glamorous new friends.

This blue-hour shoot is the second half of Caitlin and Evan's Griffith Observatory engagement photos – if you missed the green-velvet–adorned first half, you absolutely must go back and catch up. We'll wait.

See you in Pasadena in July…