Gina & James’ Camden winter wedding

Camden wedding photography: After a charming ceremony at Old Marylebone Town Hall, Gina and James and their whole nuptial crew decamped to Camden for Amy Winehouse graffiti, portraits backlit by headlights on Camden Road, and cocktails at the Prince Albert pub. Northwest London’s been our UK home for years now, so it was a delight to hang out not too far from our neighbourhood for once. (Plus, Gina’s wedding dress – she found it in Spain – was a sumptuous lacy delight to shoot.)


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Griffith Observatory engagement photos | Los Angeles portrait shoot

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  • March 2019: London + Bath
  • April 2019: London
  • May 2019: Palm Springs, Los Angeles + Santa Cruz
  • June 2019: London + Barcelona
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  • September 2019: Wiltshire + London
  • October 2019: London + Los Angeles
  • November 2019: Los Angeles + Marrakech
  • December 2019: London