Ace Hotel Palm Springs en famille

Palm Springs family photography via selfies in the Ace Hotel photobooth.

Giant three-month-old baby Hulk.

Wispy postnatal hair that was falling out by the handful, all over the all-white tile floor in our bungalow at the Avalon.

Super Furry Animals t-shirt.

Semi-satisfied faces of two new parents on holiday who’d both just finished a very good dinner at King’s Highway but ate in shifts between marching up and down jiggling the baby.

Photobooth at the hotel where we got engaged.

It’s our annivesary. We were married in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, in 2013, long before that kiddo was born. Today we’re in London, thinking about the desert. There have been many good days both here and there, and many more to come. This new year is already looking quite brilliant. See you in May, California.

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Travel plans

  • March 2019: London + Bath
  • April 2019: London
  • May 2019: Palm Springs, Los Angeles + Santa Cruz
  • June 2019: London + Barcelona
  • July 2019: Santa Barbara, Los Angeles + Oxford
  • August 2019: London + Sicily
  • September 2019: Wiltshire + London
  • October 2019: London + Los Angeles
  • November 2019: Los Angeles + Marrakech
  • December 2019: London
Griffith Observatory engagement photos | Los Angeles portrait shoot