At home with Franki and Mally

London Fields family photography: At home with Franki and Malala in sunny East London, a while ago because we’re very slow at blogging. Mally’s much bigger now, and will have a new sibling soon.

We just took our own toddler to Most Curious 2019, and she was pretty well behaved, apart from the time she had a tantrum because she wanted to

play with ARD Bakery’s ’80s-tastic cakes (everyone else wanted to, too, but most of us didn’t lie face down on the concrete floor kicking our legs when told we couldn’t). More on Most Curious as soon as I can face the editing stack. It was brilliant, obviously. But for now, back to London Fields and Franki’s first-class yellow sofa (and Mally’s gold boots).


Where to next?