Velvet Johnstone at Most Curious ’19

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Velvet Johnstone wedding dresses at Most Curious ’19: We hope you’re ready for a year’s worth of absolute beauts because we spent the weekend at Most Curious and everything was really, really ridiculously good looking. Our suitcase is still on our living room floor packed with prints and dried flowers and weird Russian navy matryoshki, the dining table’s still covered by a mass of tangled silver curtains and the 2,000 pictures we took are still languishing on memory cards, but soon I’ll be recovered enough to
publish lots of proper posts. For now, though, enjoy this impromptu shoot with the v cool Jelena Ushakova in and surrounded by some glorious Velvet Johnstone wedding dresses, styled by the inimitable Luke Reene. More soon.

PS: Go and read Love My Dress’ feature on the show immediately, because it’s a tear-jerking delight of love and ethics and hard work.



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