September Pictures at Most Curious

September Pictures at a Most Curious Wedding Fair: We’ve been gallivanting our way around MC taking pictures for a few years now, but Most Curious 2019 was our first year exhibiting. It was very, very, very fun. We tried to make it a bit like our living room, but our living room if we actually got around to putting up prints at some point. Scroll down for sage-green crushed velvet, far too many photo books, very amateur dried-flower arranging and a truly gratuitous Le Labo purchase.
PRINTS: Loxley; ALBUMS: Folio; PENCILS + POSTERS: Awesome Merchandise; ROMANCE NOVEL VOLUME 1: Mixam; CARDS: Moo; VELVET: The Village Haberdashery. PS: that green photo book with the circular cut-out is new; we’ll stick those on the site soon so you can order them (the cover card is some sort of impossibly sexy texture; everyone kept stroking it). Till then, we’ve plenty of other ways to print your pictures.


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