E + M by the Thames

A wedding by the Thames: Emma and Michael were married three weeks ago in Oxford, and brought us along for a riverside adventure. We’re currently in Los Angeles, editing weddings in Oxford, Mid Wales, Santa Barbara and Pasadena all at once – they’re all beautiful, but there’s
a definite soft spot in our transatlantic hearts for our good old river. We’ll be delivering this one very soon, so check back for more from this sun-soaked Isis Farmhouse wedding by the Thames pretty soon.


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  • March 2020: Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree + London
  • April 2020: Marrakech + Essaouira
  • May 2020: London
  • June 2020: Paris + Sicily
  • July 2020: London
  • August 2020: London
  • September 2020: Wiltshire
  • October: 2020: London
  • November 2020: Bath
  • December 2021: London
  • February 2021: London
  • March 2021: Los Angeles + Palm Springs
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