H & C at Carondelet House

September 9, 2019

Carondelet House wedding photography

Haley and Chad were married at Carondelet House in Downtown Los Angeles and everything was emotional and honest and hilarious and stylish and brilliant. There was lots of crying (in a good way), the groom's beard was top notch, the bride's embroidered BHLDN wedding dress showed off her tattoos perfectly, and the maid of honour whipped out some well-rehearsed Britney Spears choreography on the dance floor while a groomsman dozed on a leather sofa by the fireplace. Good wedding work by all.

We're now obsessed with Carondelet House – new favourite Downtown Los Angeles wedding venue, anyone? – and the entirely picturesque multi-storey car park next door (that's a "parking structure", if you're reading this back on that side of the Atlantic). Plus, the venue's a really short commute from September Pictures' family home in Los Angeles, so if you're after some Carondelet House wedding photography of your own please do get in touch and check our availability.