L & J’s autumn elopement

October 6, 2019

An autumn wedding in London


Lucy and James’s Marylebone Town Hall elopement was a delight. The post-rain sunlight was as lovely as the couple were charming, and the autumn leaves whirling around the town hall’s columns made us very happy to be in the city as the season was starting to change. (Plus, superlatively elegant grandmothers in hot pink are always a very good thing.)

If you’re planning a winter or autumn wedding in London it’s extra important to keep photography in mind when planning your schedule if you’d like any shots in daylight. Lucy and James planned a noon ceremony, which is brilliant in late September – there’s plenty of light before and after the wedding, but it isn’t usually too brutally sunny. As autumn turns to winter and the year drags to an end, there’s much less leeway for post-ceremony pictures and it starts to become a very good idea to shoot portraits before the actual ceremony… but there are many reasons we called ourselves September Pictures, and one of them is the loveliness of the light.