A California clifftop wedding, part two

November 1, 2019

Alternative Jewish wedding photography


First, if you didn't start with part one of this wedding, skip back there now because there's pool playing and swallows' nests and a veil-less bedeken and glass smashing, etc. And me banging on about my weird calf cramp, obvs, because it wouldn't be a September Pictures wedding without me having some sort of odd minor injury that turns out to be nothing.

Anyway, then come back and scroll on down to see the rest, including the bit where the heavily pregnant wedding photographer started climbing on the furniture mid-horah because

there are few things I enjoy more than shooting a) a mosh pit and b) a horah (there were no injuries to dancers or photographers).

Plus, any wedding that ends with the bride changing into an all-white disco-perfect jumpsuit is automatically one for the ages.

Will we ever stop being massively in love with this whole wedding day? Er, did you see that giant tree? And the sunset over the bluff? And the train tracks? Nope, we're probably not going to shut up about this one for a while.