Chloe & Dan’s Ace Hotel London wedding

Ace Hotel London wedding photography: Chloe + Dan were married this summer in Shoreditch, and the only thing that wasn’t brilliant was me being too pregnant to grab a cocktail at the bar afterwards. Everything else was 100 per cent MAGNIFICENT, from the Worm London flowers in the morning to the happy tears on the dancefloor at the end of the night.

Shooting weddings at the Ace in London is always a new experience because there are near-infinite photoshoot locations around the East End neighbourhood, and the Shoreditch street art is always changing (we hit some

of the same exact spots with Vivian and Alistair during their Shoreditch wedding, too, but didn’t repeat any of the backgrounds). If you’re up for a post-ceremony stroll, you’ll always be rewarded with extra-memorable wedding pictures, but Chloe had the idea of sneaking out before the ceremony for portraits with her bridesmaids, too; we popped round to the Boundary Gardens bandstand. We’re always telling couples how great pre-ceremony portraits are, so it’s brilliant when a bride actually suggests it before we’ve even mentioned it.


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