Hi from Nico

November 13, 2019

new baby update


A newborn news bulletin for you: the kiddo arrived at the weekend, expanding the September Pictures family to four. Petra’s pretty into him, mostly because he brought her a dinosaur backpack. Little Nico’s pretty chill so far, but if you’ve emailed and I haven’t answered yet this is why. (I swear I no longer look as high as I do in that one shot, though. Gas and air is fuuuuuuuun.)

Massive thanks to everyone at UCLH for giving me a mostly incredible birth experience, and apologies again for all the shouting and that bit where I started pulling out everything attached to me (who pulls out their own cannula and catheter?!)

Ok, that's the end of the new baby update. We won't spam you with too many pictures of him from now on, promise.

uclh + at home in west hampstead