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    NOVEMBER 9TH, 2019
HI FROM NICO. The new baby arrived at the weekend, expanding the September Pictures family to four. Petra’s pretty into him, mostly because he brought her a dinosaur backpack. Little Nico’s pretty chill so far, but if you’ve emailed and I haven’t answered yet this is why. (I swear I no longer look as high as I do in that one shot, though. Gas
and air is fuuuuuuuun.) Massive thanks to everyone at UCLH for giving me a mostly incredible birth experience, and apologies again for all the shouting and that bit where I started pulling out everything attached to me.


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2020 + 2021 wedding + family shoots

Griffith Observatory engagement photos | Los Angeles portrait shoot

Travel plans

  • January 2020: London
  • February 2020: London + Los Angeles
  • March 2020: Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree + London
  • April 2020: Marrakech + Essaouira
  • May 2020: London
  • June 2020: Paris + Sicily
  • July 2020: London
  • August 2020: London
  • September 2020: Wiltshire