R + C’s Mayfair engagement shoot

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Mayfair engagement shoot: Rachel and Colin escaped Chicago’s bleak midwinter for festive adventures in London and Paris and had the excellent idea of booking engagement pictures in both. Hanging out with them in sunny Mayfair on a surreally quiet Sunday morning between Christmas and New Year was a very good way to end 2019.

If you’re planning your own Mayfair engagement shoot, you can’t pick a much better place to stay than the Beaumont – every inch of the neighbourhood is London looking like it does in the postcards, so even if you don’t go beyond a five-minute radius you’ll get a full dose of red brick and archetypal architecture.

And if you’re American and staying at the Beaumont, as Rachel and Colin were, you’re pretty much surrounded by places your people have hung out in history: we took a quick but picturesque stroll past John Adam’s old gaff to atmospherically muddy Grosvenor Square so FDR could photobomb R + C’s engagement pictures… and then they were off to Arsenal vs Chelsea. When in London, etc.

(Side note: Rachel had food poisoning and still looked this brilliant. Americans are hardy.)



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