Maximalist wedding style from Most Curious

Maximalist wedding style for 2020/2021 brides and grooms: The Most Curious gang’s inspiration for their first 2020 fashion show was MAXIMALISM, which made for a deeply pleasing aesthetic clash amid the austere all-concrete-everything of East London’s Old Truman Brewery. And then… lockdown, where not much maximalism was going on at all.

As I write this, many of our 2020 clients are eagerly awaiting word on when small weddings can be held so they can get started on their two-part

sequential wedding: a 2020 legal ceremony in London to get the paperwork signed, followed by a blow-out bash in 2021 (with us photographing both). Lots of us have microweddings and elopements on our minds at the moment, and one fantasy wedding look I keep coming back to – yes, I dream of weddings nowadays – is SMALL WEDDING, BIG SLEEVES. Please, 2020 brides, I’m begging at least a few of you to elope in a fabulously froofy frock and then prance around the streets of Islington in it with us (and your new wife/husband, obvs).



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