Quarantine Questionnaire: Nikki Napalm

After oversharing like maniacs in our own Quarantine Questionnaire, we got nosy and wanted to know what all our colleagues are up to (plus, we like seeing in other people’s houses, so we LOVE FaceTime photoshoots — book one!) It was especially fun calling make-up artist Nikki Napalm, who answered looking super-duper spectacular in the California sunshine, complete with bonus witchy black cat. We first met when we collaborated on everyone’s last pre-lockdown wedding in Palm Springs (you can see a few shots from that one below), and it was a delight to discover we share a love of Twin Peaks and are both living in leggings right now…

The basics:

Where are you spending the lockdown? Between my apartment in Orange County, and more recently my hometown of Hemet. Also as much as I am not a fan of the outdoors, I’ve been forcing myself to go hiking a lot and swimming at the beach. I’m going through SPF 50 like crazy, haha.

What can you see from your windows? I can see some of my neighbors when they eat breakfast on their back porch sometimes.

Who are you with? I’m either by myself or my car club girlfriends. They’re my “my quaran-team”. I’ve also very recently reconnected with someone very special from high school, but I’m not quite ready to share details just yet…

What’s the most notable sound you hear? My laundry machine; because I’m working out all the time and keeping my home extra tidy, I feel like I’m constantly doing laundry.



Tell us about the last wedding you worked on: Oh man, it was probably one of the coolest weddings I’ve done: March 15th, Emily and Alex got married at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. I did makeup for Emily, her bridal party, the moms, etc. It was a modern mid-century style, but the girls were able to express their individual style through their makeup. We did some smokey eyes, some 1960’s inspired looks, and the bride had a 1940’s silver screen actress vibe going on. In spite of tension with COVID-19 being high, everyone looked unbelievably cool and was ready to party.

What work are you doing instead of weddings now? Unfortunately, the state isn’t allowing me to work. I own a small business (waxing and makeup) in Orange County and my services are currently strictly prohibited. Luckily, I qualified for unemployment.

What’s your advice for any couple planning a wedding at the moment? Choose a date with a flexible venue and vendors for 2021 or 2022.

How can people support your business? Share me with your brides for makeup! Or come see me for a wax when I do get to open!

Quarantine quick quiz:

What activity takes up most of your quarantine time? Working out, running errands/grocery shopping.

What do you miss most about pre-lockdown life? Just being able to sit down at a restaurant with friends and eat dinner. Or go shopping at non-essential stores. Work, also. I really miss what I do for a living.

What’s your quarantine vice? It was snacks for a hot minute, but I’m forcing myself to do low carb and intermittent fasting so it kicked that habit real quick.

Lockdown uniform? Leggings, band shirt, hoodie, trucker hat and converse.

What’s been your favourite book/tv/film/music so far? I’m currently re-watching the 1990’s TV series, Twin Peaks. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? On a cruise. Don’t care where. I LOVE CRUISES.

If you’re in need of beautifying in Southern California, Nikki Napalm’s your girl! She has a ton of other local recommendations on her website thedollhausbeautyco.com, too. Meanwhile, you can follow her on Instagram at @nikkinapalm and @dollhausbeautyco.

And if you’re a fellow wedding creative currently twiddling your sparkly little thumbs and want to fill out our Quarantine Questionnaire, get in touch!


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