Gold-Diggers, East Hollywood

June 18, 2020


Welcome to East Hollywood, where there are absolutely zero stupid stars in the pavement (they're really slippy when it rains, we knew someone who broke his collarbone running for the bus on Hollywood Blvd) and there is absolutely zero "glitz". One thing you will find here, if you know where to look, is a former strip club turned boutique hotel and recording studio, with a legitimately cool club downstairs and designers'-dream interiors. If you're after a decidedly un-tourist-y Los Angeles honeymoon hotel — and are the sort of people who'll appreciate a carefully curated vinyl selection in your room — Gold-Diggers on Santa Monica Blvd is your Hollywood honeymoon hotel home from home.

True story: I went past it twice a day on the bus across town for years and years back in the day, before it was a hotel, but never went inside till I got a private tour in my Mr & Mrs Smith travel editor guise. It's really, really great. At some point soon Chris and I need to ditch the babies and check-in for a night or two…