“Can I have doorstep portraits if we live in a flat?”

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Doorstep portraits in a flat: Here’s a secret, don’t tell anyone — doorstep portraits don’t actually have to take place on your literal doorstep. The can, as ably demonstrated by our West Hampstead neighbour Clare and her charming little family, take place in any number of spots, like on the doorstep of your block even if your own front door’s waaaaay up there several floors above. Or in the little garden round the side. Or up on your balcony if you live up in the sky (I brought my longest lens).

Basically, it’s a mini portrait shoot at or near your house, which makes it a) really easy, because you don’t have to go anywhere, b) really safe, because we don’t need to get within germ-sharing distance of each other,

and c) really meaningful, because the pictures capture not just who you are right now, but also where you are. Places change almost as much as people do, so documenting the location’s an important part of any shoot for us, even the mini ones (did you know having a journalism degree’s helpful for portrait photography? It is for me!)

This was my shortest shoot commute of all time, a grand four-minute walk from our own doorstep (past Heads + Tails cocktail bar and The Village Haberdashery, both of which are highly recommended if you’re ever in West Hampstead). Clare and I would actually be able to see across the tube tracks into each other’s buildings if it weren’t for some ridiculously huge trees in between.


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