Alice & Sam, engaged in Islington

November 21, 2022

islington engagement shoot


The Franco–Belgian pre-wedding shoot of civil-chic dreams! Meet Alice and Sam, just popping out for a casual stroll around their neighbourhood, before their Islington Town Hall wedding. Yes, I'm 100 per cent sure they are this stylish all the time.

We don't get to shoot as many pre-wedding portraits in London as we'd like to, because our British clients often opt to skip it. So it's always a delight when our European neighbours are in town to show us how it's done.

Of note: Sam's shoes hurt a lot, and this is why it's a very good idea to wear your wedding shoes for your engagement shoot – you can wear them in a little bit, or at least find out what you're in for when the day comes around and pack painkillers. (Alice's sumptuous heels were apparently entirely comfortable.)

ALICE'S look