Ever since I had was pregnant with our daughter, I've had a constant urge to freeze time. Everything changes so rapidly. But that's what cameras are for, right?

Being pregnant felt simultaneously crazy and brilliant, like I was a scientist experimenting on my own innards but also a mythical, magical goddess. I had moments feeling like I was glowing with some sort of celestial light, and others looking like I'd been hit by a truck and dragged through a ditch. It's the most ordinary thing in the world but also the wildest thing to actually do – the whole thing's really heavy on duality. Pregnancy takes over your body and your emotions and quite a lot of your life… and then it's over and you're on to a whole new stage of ever-changing weirdness and your body's a whole new being that more-or-less resembles the one you had before but not quite.

Basically, it's a big deal, and it's worth documenting. It doesn't last long; let's take pictures (I'll bring my time machine).

Bella and Becky: London maternity portraits at the mondrian, shoreditch

"Oh my god,
I honestly don't know what to say…

The photos are absolutely stunning"

Carly, London

London maternity portraits FAQ

WHY: Because you're a majestic walking science experiment/glowing golden goddess. Because it's a momentous stage of your life that'll be over really soon. Because you've never been this pregnant before/aren't ever going to be this pregnant again. Because you deserve it. Because there's someone who totally wants an album full of secret maternity portraits of you. Because in ten/twenty/fifty years you'll be amazed by how young you were and how old that baby is. Because it'll blow your grandchildren's minds one day. Because it's fun. Because it's art, darling.

WHAT: Pull out your finest maternity dress. Throw on your Levi's, undone. Wear nothing at all but Santal 33. Whatever you wear is up to you, and I'd LOVE to hear what you're thinking of (I've been pregnant twice, I know all about the craziness of getting dressed when you're changing shape daily). Hair and make up? I'll call one of our loveliest experts.

WHERE: Wherever you like—at home, on the cobbles of a secluded mews street, in your hotel suite… I was a luxury travel editor for a billion years, if you'd like a suggestion or two.

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"Oh gosh. How marvellous. We obviously love them, and it was the nicest thing to just KNOW the pictures would be nice"

Laura, London