Islington Town Hall
wedding photography

Islington Town Hall wedding photography is always fun. We love photographing there. The light is invariably gorgeous and the brides, grooms and guests are always good people. If you’re getting married there, let us know and we’ll come and take your pictures. (And scroll down for a few tips on how to get the very best possible
Islington Town Hall wedding photography and enjoy your day to the max. And please do get in touch and let us know if you have any questions – we genuinely love this place so much, it’s one of our absolute favourite London wedding venues of all time.)

Islington Town Hall wedding photography tips

• There are open days a few times a month so you can check out the spaces.
• It will almost definitely be very busy with eleventy-billion other weddings; embrace it, it's fun and the staff will make sure there are no clashes.
• After your ceremony, we'll whisk you into that photogenic corridor you've seen in all the pictures; meanwhile, the venue staff will guide your guests outside. You chill out for a minute, then once they're ready with the confetti you'll sweep down the grand staircase and out into the sunshine…

• Book photographers who are happy to work quickly (we are!), because there probably won't be much time to hang about.
• If you have your pick of dates and times and photography's especially important to you, 10am weddings here are especially exquisite (seriously).
• If your double-decker bus is delayed – and they are always delayed, because hello North London traffic – just take a seat on one of the handy benches and watch other weddings come out for confetti; it's quite relaxing.
• …or go over the road for cocktails at the The Upper House while you wait: they're delicious.