Family testimonials


We like little ‘uns, and their parents like our child photography. We’ve worked with newborns, bigger babies, toddlers and kids in all over the place. Get in touch once you’ve scrolled through a few of our LA + London child photography reviews if you’re after some UK family photography, California newborn portraits, first-class Greek-paradise holiday photos… or anything else.

"Omg thank you so so much these are so amazing!! Absolutely love them and you are amazing!! These are so lovely and we really appreciate it! Big love xxxxxx"

Ayshea + Isabella

“What can I say??!! You take fabulous photos, Rachel, and there are so many good ones from this last shoot. All kinds of different facial expressions! I love the one that is a closeup of both his hand and foot. And the one where he is looking at the camera with the big tear coming from his watery eye. All of them are so great.”

Alexia + Clayton

"Did you know you've taken two of my all-time favourite pictures of my children?"

Tillie, Chris, Freddie, Louis + Arthur

" I just love the colors. Thank you so much! Ps: Robert asked me to send you special thanks from him :)"

Maarja, Gary, Robert + Greta

“OH! You are my favorite photographer, hands down!!!”

Christina, Dave, Amelia + Truman

“Oh my gosh I just love these! Rachel, you really do have a talent. I can’t wait to get to my parents’ house and look at them on their iMac. I love the ones with the green bow. So good. I miss my favorite photographer – come back soon! Thank you!”

N + H

“I’m in Heaven: C is napping, I’m sipping a mocha, and I just made another run through all the great pics you took at the 1-year shoot. I can’t believe all the different faces he made. And the sequence of clapping photos is so precious. Thanks again!”

A + D

“The pics of Gray are so adorable!”

Laura + Gray

“I love the photos! I love his eyebrows!”

Helen + Noah

"Oh wow!!!! Thanks so much, they’re wonderful!!!"

Kim, Colin, Polly + Oscar

How to love your family photographs

The first thing, and the most difficult, is to relax. If you're stressed about the children not cooperating exactly as you'd hoped, they'll get increasingly antsy. Some running away/jumping on siblings/lying face down kicking the floor is to be expected with little 'uns, and your family photographer should be used to that. Don't worry about it.
The second, and most important, task is to figure out what you want. If it's a fantastically formal posed shot with matching outfits and laser backgrounds, that sounds wondrous and please submit it to Awkward Family Photos post-haste.

But if it's a curated version of real life that captures your kiddos as they really are, as you'll remember them forever, then a) embrace the fact that real life doesn't always involve smiling and looking at the camera and b) drop us a line because we'd love to shoot for you. (We're London family photographers two thirds of the year at the moment, and the rest of the time you'll find us in Los Angeles, mid air or somewhere else entirely.)