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Scroll down for more London engagement photos, Los Angeles pre-wedding portraits, and so on (or check our portfolio)… And if you don’t think you’re the sort of people who want an engagement shoot, don’t worry: almost everyone thinks that at first, especially in the UK.

Pretty much no one thinks they’re good in front of the camera, us included. But engagement shoots/pre-wedding shoots/portrait shoots/whatever you’d like to call them are very good practice

for the wedding day, entirely painless, and often involve coffee/cake/gin (and gin generally makes most things better). Plus, you end up with some photos of yourselves looking casually gorgeous, which is always good.

The best part, though, is that you get over your photography fear in the first five minutes and can then feel much more confident about your wedding day.

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When should we schedule our engagement shoot?

This is everyone's first question to us. There's no one answer: it depends on what you'd like the pictures to be. For some couples, it's a "we just got engaged and we want a picture to use in our save-the-date stationery!" thing, in which case we should probably get cracking.
But for lots of our clients, there's no particular goal. The engagement shoot is just a handy practice run for the wedding: you get to hang out with us and our cameras and see how easy and not weird it'll be. If you're at all anxious about being photographed, a pre-wedding practice will settle your nerves.

Some couples don't actually fancy an engagement shoot at all, but instead we get together just pre- or post-wedding to shoot some chilled-out portraits in their nuptial finery: it's a GENIUS way to get pictures in your wedding dress/fanciest suit without all the drama of the wedding day (can you tell we thoroughly recommend it?) If you'd like to spend some real time on your wedding portraits or want to venture somewhere that's not so local (desert shoot, anyone?, trying to cram it into the middle of your wedding day is never fun for anyone, so setting aside and hour or two on another day entirely is a really great idea.


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