Honeymoons, minimoons & wedding nights

Nice places for nice people: boutique hotel hideouts, luxury honeymoon hotels, minimoon adventures… we like them. (They’d make great wedding-night hotels, too.) SP’s Rachel’s been a travel photographer and writer for even longer than we’ve been shooting weddings, so we know hotels. Read on for a few of our favourites.

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• You don't need to jet off on honeymoon straight from the wedding reception. Planning a wedding and planning a honeymoon both take a ton of attention (well, they did for us) so trying to do them both at the same time might make you bananas.
• Plan activities you'll both enjoy together, plus a little alone time (even if it's just a lie in – Christopher loves a lie in).

• You can get more out of a trip if you're willing to move: follow up a night or two at some luxury honeymoon hotels you can't afford for a fortnight with a longer stay somewhere a bit more budget boutique, and you'll get the best of both.
• Don't just plump for an obvious destination. We went to Morocco because it was so varied – it felt like five separate trips in one.
• Take lots of photos! We love following clients' honeymoons on Instagram. (That's not creepy, is it?)