Photographing weddings at the Old Marylebone Town Hall is one of the highlights of our job. It’s such a photogenic London venue – the steps, the columns, the lions – and your pictures will be instant classics.

Scroll down for a few tips on how to make the most of your Old Marylebone Town Hall wedding photography and enjoy your day to the max. Get in touch if you have any questions – we’ll be thrilled to help you plan.

susannah, about to marry alex at the old marylebone town hall

why we love Marylebone Town Hall wedding photography

• Group shots on the stairs in front of the building are magnificent, of course. But if your families are dawdling and it's time for the next wedding's confetti already, we can switch to shooting by the lions, or just round the corner, and you'll all look equally good.

• Portraits of the two of you by the columns take 10 seconds and look timeless (and are impervious to weather and overcrowding). It might be our favourite portrait background in the entire city.

• One of the ushers once whisked me into the kitchen 30 seconds before a ceremony to cut the tags off my emergency-purchase blouse. ABSOLUTE SAINT.

• There are seven ceremony rooms of varying size – go to an open evening to explore.

• You can get ready down the street at the Landmark hotel, which means you'll look fantastically glamours as you depart for the ceremony (plus, check all your guests in there too and they'll have no excuse for being late).

• The staff runs the place with military precision and somehow coordinate what seems like a dozen weddings at once without crowds of guests ever colliding on the stairs – they are magicians.