Meet your new favourite Los Angeles wedding photography friends: Christopher was born and raised in Los Angeles, and Rachel escaped from England and arrived for a few months aged 21… and ended up staying for years and years and years, because life without bacon-wrapped hot dogs and a churro truck 30 seconds from home would no longer suffice.

We eventually met, hung out, took pictures at a billion music festivals, got married, had a baby and now divide our time between London and LA. When in Los Angeles these days, you’ll mostly find us eating far too much In ‘n’ Out and Yogurtland, and lounging at the Ace Hotel even though we have a perfectly good home to go to.

Scroll on for our Los Angeles wedding photography posts, and some from the rest of California, too – we like to get around. (If you’re in a hurry, perhaps try the portfolio instead?) Then drop us a line and tell us all about your plans for your own LA nuptials, so we can come along and document it forever and ever.