Weddings & Elopements

We shot our first weddings in 2011, in London and California (up on the coast in Mendocino). Since then we’ve lugged our camera bags all over the place, from ornate Budapest townhouses to tents in fields in the middle of nowhere. (We still love London town hall weddings best of all.)



No problem. You’ll find loads more Los Angeles + London documentary wedding photography in our archives. And if you’re planning our own wedding and want some hot tips on our most beloved florists / venues / dressmakers and the like, here’s a handy list of some of our favourite wedding people.

Almost everyone we work with starts out quite nervous about their wedding photography. But they end up happy, and usually say they were amazed by how painless it was. (It’s usually quite fun.) We focus on documenting your day without interrupting it too much: you can read about how we make that happen. And then when you’re ready, just get in touch and tell us about your plans.

PS: If your mums are worried that our documentary style means they won’t get the super traditional family portraits they want to frame and put on their mantlepieces, tell them not to fret. We can do those, too.