What's the damage?

A wedding photography pricing primer for the newly engaged

How much does a wedding photographer cost in London or Los Angeles? Well, it depends. It depends on the photographer, and it depends on you.

On the photographer’s side, it depends on how well equipped they are (because professional photography kit costs money), how much experience they’re bringing, how much insurance they have (or if they have it at all), how much training they invest in to continually refresh their skills and about 97 other factors.

On your side, it depends when you’re getting married, what destination you’re planning your wedding in, which wedding venues you’ve chosen, the type of photography you want, what level of service you’re after, the degree of risk you’re comfortable with and so on.

How to set your wedding photography budget

Be realistic about your overall budget, for the entire wedding: talk it through thoroughly together and decide what you're both willing to spend (cocktails make it less painful, but reviewing it again while sober is sensible). Then make a rough plan of how important each element is to you both and what percentage of your budget you should assign to each item. Then start researching the prices of the people, places and things that suit your style. Wedding photography pricing, like that of every other creative profession, varies hugely so spend some time researching options and carefully balancing your budget.

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